21 Days Challenge

Day 21 of 21.


End of the challenge. Last week was a struggle for me. I wish I could come up with excuses but nope. The main challenge for me was to spend less time on social media to focus on other things. I just Failed. For those who are Congolese, you know the TEA was served HOT with a touch of PEPPER in our country with “l’affaire” Penielle and Mike Kalambay.

Normally, I will knock on myself out, telling myself that I failed in some way and feeling guilty about my poor behavior and my weak will power. Seriously failing because of gossiping, that’ pathetic let’s be honest.


Not this time. Yes, this time I will keep the positive energy going. This challenge allowed me to spend more time doing meditation and word of affirmation, to hit the gym almost 4 times a week, to have business ideas and to be focused on projects that I am involved in. Challenging myself to change my habits was harder than I thought but I still manage to change my behavior toward them

I still haven’t made tangible goals for the year but I have a couple of days left to complete my project board 2020.

I realised that I am a slave of my phone and social media. I couldn’t just step away from it even for 21 days. My social media is like a fridge. I am not hungry but still, I’ll go and open it. Even when I know exactly what’s in (most of the time what’s NOT in), STILL, I’ll open it just for the sake of it. Waste of time…and time is money.


Let me reflect on that for a minute

Social Media.


The place where we are losing our soul. Scrolling down looking at those beautiful holiday pictures, perfect snapback body after baby number 4, neat home décor and expensive cars at the front. Scrolling down for a motivational message from a multimillionaire girl that sells waist trainer, fantasizing on those couple goals and of course the Friday Night feeling of missing out on the perfect rave or dinner.

Yes, I am spending hours and hours looking at images that don’t help me grow. Looking at a picture of the perfect dressing room won’t make it appear in my tiny studio or looking at a killer outfit won’t help me grow the money in my bank account lets be real, but still, here I am looking for the discount code “iN tHe DeScriPTIoN BaR bElOw”…

I am UNIQUE so what am I looking for on other pages? Inspiration? if I am unique my inspiration should be ME, that’s it. I am my goal, I am my own challenge, I am my own focus.

That why it’s important when we feel a type of way, to just switch off the phone, give ourselves a break. Reset, set up real and achievable goals without comparing our journey to others. That’s my new challenge. Turn off my phone for a day in the month or a day in the week. Let’s see how it goes.

2020 will be a year of I AM, ME.