Day 21 of 21.


End of the challenge. Last week was a struggle for me. I wish I could come up with excuses but nope. The main challenge for me was to spend less time on social media to focus on other things. I just Failed. For those who are Congolese, you know the TEA was served HOT with a touch of PEPPER in our country with “l’affaire” Penielle and Mike Kalambay.

Normally, I will knock on myself out, telling myself that I failed in some way and feeling guilty about my poor behavior and my weak will power. Seriously failing because of gossiping, that’ pathetic let’s be honest.


Not this time. Yes, this time I will keep the positive energy going. This challenge allowed me to spend more time doing meditation and word of affirmation, to hit the gym almost 4 times a week, to have business ideas and to be focused on projects that I am involved in. Challenging myself to change my habits was harder than I thought but I still manage to change my behavior toward them

I still haven’t made tangible goals for the year but I have a couple of days left to complete my project board 2020.

I realised that I am a slave of my phone and social media. I couldn’t just step away from it even for 21 days. My social media is like a fridge. I am not hungry but still, I’ll go and open it. Even when I know exactly what’s in (most of the time what’s NOT in), STILL, I’ll open it just for the sake of it. Waste of time…and time is money.


Let me reflect on that for a minute

Social Media.


The place where we are losing our soul. Scrolling down looking at those beautiful holiday pictures, perfect snapback body after baby number 4, neat home décor and expensive cars at the front. Scrolling down for a motivational message from a multimillionaire girl that sells waist trainer, fantasizing on those couple goals and of course the Friday Night feeling of missing out on the perfect rave or dinner.

Yes, I am spending hours and hours looking at images that don’t help me grow. Looking at a picture of the perfect dressing room won’t make it appear in my tiny studio or looking at a killer outfit won’t help me grow the money in my bank account lets be real, but still, here I am looking for the discount code “iN tHe DeScriPTIoN BaR bElOw”…

I am UNIQUE so what am I looking for on other pages? Inspiration? if I am unique my inspiration should be ME, that’s it. I am my goal, I am my own challenge, I am my own focus.

That why it’s important when we feel a type of way, to just switch off the phone, give ourselves a break. Reset, set up real and achievable goals without comparing our journey to others. That’s my new challenge. Turn off my phone for a day in the month or a day in the week. Let’s see how it goes.

2020 will be a year of I AM, ME.

The first post in English, as per numerous requests so let me apologize already for the grammatical mistake.

You can create new habits in 21 days, so they say.

So I’ve decided to give it a try and join Andree Marie and her facebook group to set up the right tone for this new year. The theme of this year for me is Going for goals, I have a few projects that I need to set up and the way I am procrastinating things is just crazy. Hopefully, if I focus on creating new habits, I’ll be able to reach some of my goals this year. My target is simple: Stop wasting my time.

Day 1 and 2 of 365

The first step is to try to wake up early and NOT scroll on my inta feed.

1st day and 1st step mistake. I woke up and instantly reach for my phone. I swear I have no one calling me #TeamDryPhone or texting me during the night but I don’t know why I still check on my phone, every time!

It will take longer than a resolution to change this bad habit. Resultat: Peut mieux faire (*Can do better)

Prayer of the day: God I need clarity in my life so I am praying that you send me signs all along to guide me during this incertain period.

Challenge of the day: Write this post and send at least a job application per day. Seem really simple but being the Queen Procrastination that I am, I can find crazy justifications to NOT do what I HAVE to do.

Gym session: Legs bum and tum

Oh yeah and dry January so no alcohol and still a flexitarian for January more fish, less meat. More water less juice. Less social media, more life.

I can do this isssshh.

Day 3, 4 & 5

1st weekend in perspective.

This week was strange as this New Year celebration came in the middle of it and disturb it. The new habit of waking up early and have a morning prayer is still not quite there yet but I know I can do it.

I read something that is stuck in my mind “Our [Black Women] strength is what creates who we are. Those who implore you to tone it down in pursuit of a man do not want you to be loved in your entirety” p276, Slay in Your Lane.

This statement reinforces two things in me: I cannot be tamed and I should never shrink myself for the convenience of others. #PREACH

Gym: I danced a bit, can we count it as the gym of the weekend? and Dry January will start officially on Monday because I forgot….

Day 6.

I woke up early. Made a surprising decision over the weekend. I am officially out of my comfort zone which is one of my goal for this new year.

I don’t need to control everything, I should just keep an eye and I’ll figure it out what to do if shit goes down. I realised that I cannot be strong all the time so I need to choose my battle wisely. In the wake of this WW3 LOL I have to ask myself if peace has a cost, what shall it cost me then? Time off from social media and more me-time. Spending less time scrolling looking for something that I don’t know give me the time necessary to do stuff.  But what kind of stuff shall I do now?

Gym session: focused on abs.

Day 7

1st week since the new year. Still feeling in a cloud. I wonder how long it will last. For the moment let me enjoy my own good mood.

Woke up time: 6.30. Wow and I slept quite late yesterday. I had time to even write this post while drinking my coffee and enjoying some music #Progress

I haven’t scrolled this morning. Not even once because I realised that there is no new information that I will get from it. So what is the point? Instead, I used those few minutes on checking my emails and my deadlines. I am up to date!

Morning meditation and morning affirmation: I am the master of my life. I can do everything that my heart and mind desire.

Gym tonight: full-body workout.